Thursday, May 28, 2015

Compulsively Clothed. Compulsively Naked.

Every workday I come home and immediately remove things that haven't bothered me all day.  The minute I step into the house, they have to go.  First to go are my shoes and socks.  I wear comfortable footwear, but my feet scream to be free the minute I get inside the door.  I'm barefoot every minute of every day I can get away with it to the point that I'm usually barefoot when we have guests over, even if we're throwing a party.  It's not that I'm not aware that other people might not want to see my bare feet or that it's unfair to them to be wearing shoes when I'm not wearing shoes.  It just doesn't dawn on me that anyone should care.  It never bothers me when other people are barefoot, even inappropriately so.  I'm happy for them.

The next thing that has to go are my contact lenses.  Those too, I never notice until I get in the door, then they too, have to go as soon as possible.  Next the watch has to go.  I don't know why, but all of a sudden, I don't like things strapped around me like that.

As compulsive as I am about those items, I'm not a compulsive nudist.  If I'm going to be in and out of the house for a while, I put on shorts and a tee shirt (the default casual attire here in Florida).  If it's hot out and I'm working outside, the tee shirt comes off.  The heat and humidity most of the year here make keeping a shirt on at times miserably uncomfortable.  That's perfectly acceptable here.  For a male, anyway.  Yes, it's unfair to women and yes, I'd be happy for them and for society if we'd get over it.  That's a lot of area to keep covered when it's hot out and what remains (shorts) is small enough to get most of the benefit of being naked, without offending others.

I'm naked at home the way most people wear comfy things they wouldn't walk out on the street wearing.  It's my right to be as comfortable as I can be in the privacy of my house and out in my private back yard, where a patio, pool, and hot tub await my wife and I to use naked whenever we want to be there.  When I'm naked, I prefer to be completely naked.  I'll wear shoes if I have to walk on hot or unfriendly surfaces.  A hat, if I must because the sun is beating down on the top of my head.  Sunglasses, if the sun is too bright.  But nothing, whenever I can get away with it.   The only concession I make, is that I never take off my wedding band.  That reminds me of the commitment we made to each other and I don't want to take it off.

I don't think I'd be compulsive about being naked even if I lived in a nudist community.  Being naked is my default natural state.  I don't feel compelled by external conditioning to be nude, it's just the most comfortable natural and easy choice most of the time.

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