Sunday, June 14, 2015

Swimming Naked

I've written about how wonderful it is to be at clothing optional beaches naked, but unfortunately, most people we never experience that for themselves.  Or they won't let themselves experience it.  Swimming naked is another matter.  Many, if not most people, have "skinny-dipped".  Either briefly in a lake, the ocean, or someone's pool.  Maybe in remote places.  Perhaps with their spouse.  Maybe even with friends.  The  problem is that most people never get to experience it worry and guilt free like I do every day.  It's not the same if you're worried about other people stumbling onto you, or that it's such a over the top dare that you'd never do it casually.

A few years after my wife and I married, I pushed for putting a pool in the back yard.   I had a few bonuses coming and we had already added a privacy fence to the back yard.  She didn't think the kids would use it much, but I knew that I would.

When I was young, my parents put in a small pool.  I learned to swim at a very early age and grew up just miles from the warm Gulf of Mexico here in Florida.  I took to the pool as if it were my second home.  I was a certified scuba diving and lifeguard at 16 and could hold my breath long enough to scare any adult.  Even now, I find myself darting back and forth underwater like a caged dolphin, loving it.  My mother used to refer to me as her "fish", an expression my wife also uses to describe me.

My parent's pool wasn't at all private.  They had a small lot, no fence, and neighbors on every side.  Even so, they made a point of going in together after dark, skinny-dipping.  We were invited, but we foolishly didn't join in.

In the meantime, our pool has always been completely private and neither my wife or I wear anything in either the hot tub or in the pool unless we have guests.  Even then, we don't make a secret of our preference, which anyone can guess reading the sign on the subject we have on the patio.  Some have taken up our invitation to try it, and sometimes we've joined them.

Our kids have always known that if my wife and I are in the water, that we're naked.  Our daughter (clothed) would join us (mother naked, me clothed), but they only swam naked themselves when we were out of sight.  Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends.  They're both adults now and  as with other guests that use the house while we're gone, they're encouraged to take advantage of the privacy and to continue the tradition.

There is not starker difference between clothed and nude than in the water.  I swim laps every day most of the year and I so hate wearing a swimsuit, that I avoid swimming when I have to wear a suit.  I hate the drag and the rubbing of the suit in the water, and I hate that heavy wet hanging on me afterwards that takes FOREVER to dry.  Swimming naked without a care in the world, any time I want to, is a luxury most people will never know.  I feel completely one with the water as it glides effortlessly over my skin and supports every part of me evenly.   When I get out, I air dry quickly and I'm ready to lay again in the sun, work on the patio, or go inside the house without having to wait to find some place to peel off that soppy nasty heavy thing around me, and to find some place to put the thing to dry, which it often doesn't before I need it again.  Oh, and the horror of putting on a still wet suit when you're dry and maybe even have to walk around with it on for a long time before being able to get in the water.

If you haven't skinny-dipped, find a way to do it.  It's much better if you can find a place to do it guilt and worry free, such as in a really remote location, at an accepted nude beach, or at a nudist club or resort.  If you have access to a pool, go in at night with the lights out.  Take off your suit once you're in and put it back on before you get out.  Unless you're at a hotel with people looking down from above, no one will see you.  That's what my parents always did.  Either way, give it a try and think about how wonderful it would be to not have to ever wear a swimsuit again.

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