Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nudity and Forgiveness

Most people don't like the way they look naked.  They're too tall or too skinny.  Their butt, their boobs, their dick, their nose, their belly, or their whatever is either too big, too small, to light, too dark, too prominent, too distracting, or too whatever.

A lot of nudists talk about the benefits of accepting each other's bodies.  "Acceptance" has a ring of resignation to it.  As if we should just learn to put up with other people's nudity in trade for being able to enjoy being nude ourselves.  The problem is that most people are more willing to put up with other people being nude, than they are being comfortable about being nude themselves.  We are, by far, our own worst critics.

The Christian concept of forgiveness isn't unique, but it's central to how we view our relationship to God and with each other.  Forgiveness is more than acceptance.  It's about putting behind us those things that we'd otherwise only accept, and move on from there.

We need to stop just putting up with being human.  We should forgive ourselves for being human, and move on, enjoying it.

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