Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Strip Clubs

I haven't been in a strip club in decades, but I doubt they've changed much.  When I was young, that's where a lot of guys went for a night out on the town.  I avoided them like the plague except at bachelor parties, when going was obligatory.  I went to more bachelor parties at such places in my early 20's than I care to remember.  I worked with one guy who was a regular for decades, and one of my other engineer co-workers actually owned and ran a club of his own on the side.  Yeah, welcome to the south.  Except the club owning engineer was when I was working in the Mid West.

At the time, I was already going to nude beaches and resorts on my own without any of my friends knowing and I couldn't help but find strip clubs to be sad, perverted, side effects of how badly we've been conditioned to be averse to our own form, and how badly we treat and feel about our own sexuality.  I don't know if I felt sorrier for the girls or for my stupid friends.  Why on Earth would you go to see such a distorted representation of what half the human race looks like, showing off for you in ways to get you aroused, when you can't (or at least really shouldn't) be doing anything about it?  Especially around other guys?

I'm glad my peers out grew that.  I can't help but think if they were as used to seeing women as I did, as people, clothed or unclothed, that strip clubs wouldn't exist.  Perhaps someday, they won't exist.  I won't miss them.

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