Friday, September 23, 2011

The Politics of Social Nudity

My personal politics is "conservative".  I'm for limited government and maximum liberty.  I trend toward being a libertarian, but I just can't get my head wrapped around legalizing all drugs.  But I can and do embrace the concept that people should be free to express themselves in any manner that they like, as long as they don't infringe on the rights of others.  Where I disagree with many is that I don't see how someone being naked, which is after all just expressing themselves, as themselves, violates other people's "right" not to see or hear things they don't personally want to see or hear.  Too bad.  The price of freedom is mutual respect and tolerance.

So maybe people won't be allowed to wander the streets without any clothes on in most cities, but there should be enough places locally where people can go to be outdoors without their clothing, that it could be said that their rights were at least being respected.  Let the size and accessibility of those areas be proportional to the number of people who use them, and people will vote with their feet.  If no one comes, shrink the space allocated and give other uses the more prime locations.  But if many people come, expand and mainstream the places where people can be naked together.

The problem on the right side of the spectrum is we have too many people who really want a theocracy.  To me, that's just fascism by another name.  And on the left, they're all to quick to grant "harmless" freedoms as a means of distracting people from realizing that they really have no real freedoms whatsoever.  East Germany is a good example.  The government not only allowed, but encouraged nudism to flourish, all the while controlling almost every other aspect of the people's lives.  The guiding principle on the left is "we know what's good for you".  Those governments always start off with the "good of the people" in mind, later winding up with "what's good for the government" as their only concern.

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