Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why am I a Nudist?

Language is a funny thing.  If I had phrased the title "Why I am a Nudist", I'd be justifying my choice.  This would be like me explaining "Why I am an Engineer", instead of trying to figure out why I was doomed to become one (Why am I an Engineer?).   Scott Adams described me all too well, right down to building ham radios at a young age:  "The Knack".   Sometimes I think he should have called it "The Curse".

So...  I like going to nude beaches.  I like going to nude campgrounds and resorts.  I'm very comfortable being nude around others, and other people look just fine to me when they're naked.   Even so, most people don't feel that way, so why do I?

I get the feeling that if I asked God, he would be annoyed and amused by the question.  He'd say, "look stupid, you're supposed to like being what you are, and you're supposed to like others being what they are".   I didn't create you to be ashamed of yourself and intolerant of the form of your own species.  You're not the one who's screwed up about this.  The others are.  And stop calling yourself a "nudist".  You're a human.  Enjoy being human.   Go away and find something more important to complain about.



  1. Spot on!! Can I pinch that, to quote to newspapers next Naked Bike Ride season?

  2. We should all be comfortable with who and what we are. There is nothing shameful about being made in God's image.

    I am also in the metro-Orlando area, and frequent Cypress Cove.