Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mazo Beach Revisited

Though I live in Florida, about 15 years ago I did a 5 year stint in the Midwest.  By then, I was already going to different nude beaches and resorts, so I looked up where to go there.  Mazo Beach in Wisconsin was about a 3 hour drive away from where I was working.  It was a long day trip or an easy overnighter, so I started going for several weekends over the summers I was there.

I loved the place and the people, but life once again intervened and I was back in Florida and rarely had a chance to be back up that way for any length of time.  Except this weekend.  I had to be up there on Monday, so I came up on Friday and spent the weekend touring Wisconsin and spending today (Sunday) at Mazo.

It used to be that you could park at the end or along the road if the lot was full (which it usually was unless you got there very early).  Now the only people who can use that lot are the disabled who have requested and received keys to the gate.d  For everyone else, it's a 20 minute walk from a thankfully large parking lot.

I got there around 9 AM, driving up from Madison, wanting to spend a full day there.  It was sunny and in the 70's (it was pushing 100 a lot the weeks before).  People started to arrive slowly, spreading out and not talking to each other much.  But as the day wore on, there were easily over 200 people there and things got pretty lively.  The volleyball net was strung up and a long string of spirited games began.  The mix started off mostly male, but by afternoon, there was a good mix of couples, including a few families with young kids.  A very nice happy crowd.

I used to be painfully shy, but these days I make it a point to start up casual conversations, which I did with several people.  There was a young couple on the fringe who came in on kayaks scoping the place out.  They were there the whole afternoon.  Him clothed, her only topless.  I stopped by welcoming them and encourage them to walk around, clothed being fine, and just listen.  Others came by and were also very friendly to them.  Maybe next time they'll take the plunge.

By 3 PM, it was getting cloudy with some sprinkles, and I had a long drive back to where I had to be on Monday.  Even though some had already left, the disabled lot was crammed full of bicycles, the large parking lot at the end of the long walk was full, and outside the reserve, there were calls parked up and down the street on both sides for some distance.

I'm glad to see Mazo is still much the same.  Wonderful!

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