Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunsport Gardens and the Florida Young Naturists "End of Summer" bash.

I don't get out on weekends to nude beaches and nudist resorts nearly as often as I used to, but I found myself "home alone" this weekend with my wife away visiting our daughter (out of state grad school).  I haven't been to Sunsport Gardens near West Palm Beach for ages, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Bad news number one was a 50 percent chance of rain (it was sunny until after dinner), and bad news (maybe) number two was that while checking their web site to see if there was anything going on this weekend, I noticed that a group called the Florida Young Naturists was having an "End of Summer" bash there.

Sunsport has a soft spot in my heart.  Two other resorts (Cypress Cove and Sunnier Palms) are closer and I  usually go to one of them if I don't have a lot of time.  But 30 years ago in my early 20's (do the math), I had visited several nude beaches, loved it, and I decided to try a nudist resort or club environment.  The problem was I was at the time young, single, and male.  This was "pre-Internet" so I called several places and I was told by most that I wasn't welcome.

Except at Sunsport.  The owner and founder, Hugo, answered my call and told me to come and that I'd be welcome.  And I was.  The place had, and has, a lot of character with friendly people in a natural south Florida setting.  I went on to become affiliated with several groups and eventually visited many other clubs.  But from time to time, I continued to visit Sunsport.

Fast forward...  I knew that Sunsport hosted the mid-winter festival, various conventions, youth camps, and the like.  And I had seen a reference to the Florida Young Naturists before, but I really didn't know anything about them.  I figured I'd go to Sunsport anyway, figuring that there was room enough for everyone.   There often was often a good mix of ages, races, and professions at Sunsport, which always made it special.

Oh my God, did those kids know how to have a good time!  Friday was free for everyone.  They set up camp and sat around the drum circle.  Some apparently drank a bit much, and they probably got a bit loud well into the wee hours.  But isn't that what you called a good time when you where their age?  I arrived early on Saturday.  Even so, many of them were already out and about by then.

FYN members ages 18-30 had free camping over the entire weekend and the weekend ground fees (wristband) was only $11!  Plus there was reasonable cost food available breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And on Sunday, they were going to visit Haulover (the excellent nude beach run by Dade County north of Miami Beach).

They had live music from different bands.  Which was interesting talking to the band members in the pool with them naked for the first time about what they expected.  And they had this huge blow up water slide.  And I mean HUGE.  So fast that when you hit the end, you end up flying up and flipping around.  Yes, I did it several times, with a smile on my face each time afterwards.  Fortunately, I didn't break anything.

They played volleyball and body painted each other all afternoon.  They did Yoga.  They even talked with the old people (including me).  They were from several states, not just Florida, just for this event.  They had a Spring event at Sunsport which most of them had attended, so this was a natural follow-up.

When I asked how they knew of the organization(FYN) and the event, the answer was friends and Facebook.  Many came on their own, not knowing anyone.  We've come a long way from ordering books and making embarrassing phone calls.

I had a wonderful time just being around them.  There must have been 50+ attending.  If you're in the 18 to 30 range or close to it...  Join this group!  They had so much fun and were so much fun to be around.  I didn't see anyone who was drunk and disorderly.  Many were first timers and might not have know better.  Even so, there was nothing sexual about it and there was no such tension in the air.  There were many families attending.  Lots of kids enjoying themselves with happy parents.

Would I want my kids, a son and daughter both in that age group, to associate with that group?  Hell yes!  Yeah, my kids aren't into it even though they know that I am.  I can only hope that someday, they'll at least consider it.

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