Saturday, May 18, 2013


Sure, some people are curious and run into our web sites, blogs, and forums.  But for the most part, the general public doesn't hardly know we exist.  To them, we're a fringe group.  Something they've heard about, mostly as a butt of jokes, without a reason to investigate further.

Those of us who have tried social nudity know how odd it is that people have allowed themselves to be so conditioned to be ashamed, unaccepting, offended, and just plain uncomfortable to be what they and other people simply are.  Being naked in a social non-sexual environment is not only easy, but liberating, relaxing, accepting, friendly, practical, and yes, very comfortable and sensual.

Groups like Florida Young Naturists and Young Naturists America do a good job at offering young people the opportunity to try it.  I've met several of them and they're wonderful people.  If I were them, I'd be visiting college campuses, leaving leaflets, and doing meet and greets.  Man a booth at an art show and various other events.  Hell, set up a stall at a flea market.  Many won't let you set up, but if you push the boundaries and hold your ground, some of them will let you be there.  Most likely, your booth will be popular and if you're well behaved, you'll be welcome to come back.   I've seen AANR set up at outdoors and travel events, and they do fine.  When I see them, I go out of my way to stop by and thank them for their efforts.

Yes, these groups are on Facebook and do meet-ups.  But people still have to look to find them.  I'm not in a position to be promoting naturism directly, but I have found one outlet that allows me to introduce the idea and to challenge other's opinions on the subject.  I answer questions on Yahoo Answers, pulled up from keywords of naked, nude, nudist, and naturist.  Most of the questions related to the first two categories are related to sex and relationships.  Most of those are from teenagers and people with other problems.  But sometimes I even answer some of their questions.  A serious answer even to a stupid question gets read by other people, even if the asker isn't interested in my response.

Others do the same.  Some are official spokesmen for organizations.   Some are club owners or officers in various organizations.  But a few of us are just individuals, doing it out of a sense of trying to educate others.  And sometimes, just to amuse ourselves.

Hats off to those others who are trying to help.  You know who you are.  Thank you!


  1. Very interesting post. But I'm not sure what I can do to help. I don't want my family to find out because I wouldn't be able to change their views on nudity, and I have no idea where to find other nudist groups where I live. Especially since there may be transportation issues.

    At least it's only a few more years until I move out, I guess...