Monday, October 14, 2013

Practically Naked (Part 1)

Maybe if I allow myself to post shorter messages, I'll do it more often.  But I'll still write something longer than I'd post to G+ by itself.

Part 1 is one meaning of the phrase "practically naked".  Part 2 is another meaning.  Here, I mean being almost naked.  I find that to be very awkward.  It's that gray zone between being properly dressed, and just being yourself (i.e. naked).  Whether it's being shirtless where it's not accepted, or being seen in your underwear.  Either way, it makes other people uncomfortable and they don't accept it much more than if you were naked.  So why not be naked instead?

I don't know.  I suppose it feels awkward to me to be "inadequately dressed" because there is something I should have or could have done about it.  Naked, I'm just me and I don't worry about being anything other than what I am when I'm free of my clothes.

I personally also find it awkward to be examined or left in a doctor's office wearing only my underwear.  Or worse yet, a gown that's open in back.  They, I assume, think they're doing me a favor.  They're not.  I'd be a lot more at ease if I were naked.  Instead, I'm left feeling that they could be missing something that's covered up in the exam, or that they've rushed through too quickly because they don't want to make me feel uncomfortable when they "peek" at those areas most people are uncomfortable showing.

Either way, it annoys me that I'm still so residually conditioned that I should care when I'm dressed inappropriately, when I'd not when I'm not dressed at all.  Either way, it makes other people uncomfortable, and I don't mean to do that.

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