Sunday, October 11, 2015

Naked in the Attic

I just got back from crawling through the attic checking on a long wire antenna that I have strung up there years ago.  Yeah, I'm also one of THOSE people (a ham radio operator).  We've had a lot of roofing, air conditioning, and remodeling work done in the last few years and I was curious to see if the antenna was still intact.  After a lot of crawling around to get from one end to the other, I found the antenna to be in good condition.

Even in the early morning, it's still hot up there from all the heat trapped from the day before.  Plus the attic is now even more crowded than before with ducts, cables, wires, nails, and staples that like to catch and rip into clothing, and into me.  Thinking that clothing was more of a liability than an asset, I decided to do without it this time.  OK, I wore shoes.  It seemed that every time I got snagged, poked, scratched, or badly cut going up there, my clothes provided me no protection and instead they just got ruined in the process.  Plus, I sweat buckets up there and my clothes would usually get so soaked, unwearable, and smelly that they just got thrown in the laundry room right away afterwards, anyway.

I'm happy to report that crawling around up there nude was the way to go.  Without clothing to snag, I was able slither through the tangle of ducts, rafters, and wires is if I was almost not there.  I also seemed to be more careful about keeping myself further away from where nails or staples might be lurking out to get me and I managed to come out scratch free.  I was a lot cooler and more comfortable with the sweat just sheet flowing off me and not accumulating and chafing in my clothes, like would happen otherwise.

As noted in my Practically Naked posts, wearing clothes is often a lot more of a liability than an asset when one is doing physical work.

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