Saturday, November 14, 2015

More Working Naked

Another nasty weekend job with my wife away for the weekend.  Power-washing the patio and bleaching it afterwards.  Yeah, I know, it's getting chilly in most of the country, but here in Florida, it was sunny and 80 today.  That's actually a break from 87 degrees and humid as it's been most of the week.

Since I have good privacy in the back yard, it's yet another job that's easily done naked.  I was alternately wet and dry all day, and blasting the deck throws back a lot of dirt.  Working all day in wet shorts or a swim suit wasn't a desirable option, especially with all the grit that accumulates as I'm blasting away.  I took quick dips in the pool to clean up and air dry while I continued to work whenever I wanted to.  It's nice that the water's still a warm 85 degrees :)

Splash-back from spreading chlorine on the deck afterwards is a sure way to destroy anything you're wearing and contrary to what you might think, you feel and can quickly rinse off any chlorine that splashes back, verses having it get soaked into your clothes and rubbing against you for a while before you notice.  Then what?  Into the pool to wash it off your clothes and be miserably soaking wet afterwards while probably still retaining some chlorine?  Yuck!

I took a break mid day and got dressed to run some errands.  Just as I was heading out, my sister-in-law knocked on the door to drop some stuff off.  If she was earlier or later, she probably would have hear me blasting away in the back yard and would have come back and seen me working that way.  I probably wouldn't have heard her.  It's not that she doesn't know that I enjoy spending time free from my clothes.  Oh well.  Awkward for her maybe, but it wouldn't have phased me a bit.

I'll rinse the patio off tomorrow and put all the furniture back in order.  Not as messy, but there's no reason to get dressed to do it.  Plenty of other chores, tomorrow.  Half inside, half in the front yard.  Half done comfortably.  Half done dressed to keep the neighbors happy.  Oh well, half a day is better than having to stay clothed all day.

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