Monday, May 9, 2016

Trans Bathroom Debate - Gender Identity

How much is gender identity instinctive and how much is conditioned?  And to what extent is the gender one identifies with, tied with to one's sexuality and one's sexual preferences?   I find it easier to accept differences in sexual preferences than I do people who feel that they're of the wrong gender to the point that they insist on trying to act and look like what the culture defines the other gender is supposed to look like and act like.  Worse yet, to the point of using hormones and having gender reassignment surgery. 

As social nudists, we have a different perspective on this issue. But it's not that different.  As anyone who wasn't deliberately conditioned otherwise, we don't see the difference in the anatomies of the different genders as being that big a deal.  We'd accept either, both, or neither as being people who should be accepted simply as they are.  But that doesn't change the fact that we realize that culturally, and yes, physically, there are reasons why women want to be with their own kind when they're using the toilet facilities (excuse me if I don't use our idiotic American term, "rest room").

Let's face it, biologically assigned women are on average smaller, weaker, less aggressive, and have more to lose if a man assaults them, then the other way around.  While using the facilities they're a lot more vulnerable and isolated than they would be in public.  So why not give them their own space where they're more likely to be left alone?   If a guy is so far enough along to pass himself off as a woman that no one would notice what their biological gender is, have at it.  But if there's a unisex or family facility available, for the comfort of others who might suspect otherwise, please use those facilities instead.  We don't need rigid laws.  Our culture can take care of itself, thank you.

Last year I went to see Jake Owens at the end of his concert tour, back in his home town of Vero Beach at the baseball stadium where the Dodger's spring training team used to play.  Pure magic.  From playing the local bars and restaurants there, to making it big time, Jake is a local boy who we were all happy for.

During the breaks, the facilities were overtaxed and the women's facilities were totally overwhelmed, so the women lined up with the men to use their facilities.

They waited their turn going into the stalls, joking about the guys using the urinals next to them.  The point is, we where their boyfriends, husbands, fathers, and yes, grandfathers of many of those women and anyone who was going to give them a hard time wasn't going to be happy with the result.  I was impressed.  Wow!  Real adults!

Meanwhile, in nudist clubs and resorts, it's a mixed bag.  Many of them are converted "textile" facilities inheriting men and women's facilities.  But many of them have opened them up to "men and couples", or "women and couples".

Huh?  Let's face it.  In closed and often isolated facilities in our culture, women have more of a need to feel "safe" with their own kind, or at least with those that care about them, than being forced to intermix.

While at the same time, nudists easily shower together in the open, where everyone can see us and nobody can get away with being disrespectful of others.

So what should we do?  First, respect the culture, even if you don't agree with it.  Contribute to changing it, but respect it never the less.  Second, don't pass laws that "presume" what the culture will tolerate.  That's none of their damn business.  And please stop creating these distractions when we have so many more important things that the government should be worried about!

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