Sunday, May 21, 2017

Revisit: Blind Creek Beach

The wife's out again this week and she doesn't like hot weather anyway, so I made a short return visit to Blind Creek Beach near Ft. Pierce today.  It's nice that it's only a little more than an hour away from our house.  It's much closer than Haulover and about the same distance from home as Playalinda, which I  still consider somewhat unsettled.  Plus, we know the county sheriff who has justification there very well, which makes going there a bit awkward.

It was mostly cloudy when I got Blind Creek and it was a pleasant 83 degrees.  But within a few hours, it was 90+ with more sun than I needed after a few hours.  The water at least was delightfully cool.  My informal count was around 100 nude people, expanding to probably over 150 by the time I left.  They're off to a good start and I suspect Memorial Day Weekend will have more people there than I'd be comfortable around.

The Treasure Coast Naturists put some signs up before I left and I was generous with a contribution on the way out.  They pay, not the county, for the porta-potties and their servicing.

I notice that I get a much deeper and more even tan at the beach than I do in my own back yard.  Probably because of the UV backscatter from the sand and water, and the more uniform exposure as one walks along the beach than one gets just laying out in the yard.

Either way, my dermatologist never says anything about my burn free even tan when he examines me.  I wonder what a black doctor, such as himself, thinks about white people who deliberately try to darken their skin against their advice.  I have a massage this week which I routinely remove everything under the sheet, and I'll have a general annual physical in a couple of weeks where the way that doctor does it, it's obvious that I'm responsibly tanned everywhere.  Never in decades of being exampled by these professionals has anyone questioned how I got so tanned.

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