Friday, January 14, 2011

Rick407 is born...

As an engineer working with computers, I decided to give writing webs page a try.  Not wanting to pay a dime to do so, I stumbled on Geocities (later owned by Yahoo).  Username...  not very original... Rick from area code 407 (somewhere in Central Florida).  It had pages on several subjects, but after a while, it was writing pages on nudism that occupied most of my time.   Others were writing on the subject and I enjoyed sharing links and visiting those other sites, and writing about my own experiences.

As most of you know, Yahoo shut down Geocities several years ago.  I guess it wasn't making money and was filled with barely started dead pages.  I kept copies of my pages and thought about posting them elsewhere, but my pages were getting riddled with dead links and I felt that I didn't have much more to say.

If you try hard enough, you'll find dead links on other pages referencing those pages.  And if you really scrounge, you can still find the content archived by others.  I guess anything posted on the Internet really does live forever.

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