Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunbathing Naked

Depending on your local culture, nude sunbathing varies from being common, at least in private, to being rare to non-existent.  When I was a teenager, we wound up with a girl from France for a or week or so.  She was an exchange student who had never visited the US before and wasn't familiar with our "particularities".  Within a few days, the sunny warm Florida sun was inviting so she decided borrow a beach towel and lay out in the sun out in our back yard.... Naked.  I noticed but didn't say anything.  But when my mother saw her out there, she went crazy.   She ran out waving a towel, screaming.  The girl was alarmed and confused by my mothers actions.  What do you mean, you can't sunbathe naked in your own back yard?  I might add that we didn't have a fence and neighbors from all sides could have easily seen her.

One of my priorities is to maintain the privacy of my back yard, and I enjoy getting some sun back there when I can, and the most comfortable way to do it is to be naked.  It's not that I lay out in the sun all day.  I know that's not good for you.  Rather, I work all week indoors and am often busy on the weekends, so I'm lucky to get any sun, which is kind of silly given how sunny and warm it is here in Florida most of the year.  Hence, most of the time I have little or no tan.  Certainly less than most people here.  But in the summer months when I can get out there for an hour or so at a time, my tan can get pretty dark.  My tan so even that you'd think I didn't even have a tan but that it's my natural skin coloring.  And personally, I like the evenly colored look.  Tan lines seem so garish and artificial, and the sun and wind feel so nice, unbroken across one's skin.

I doubt people even notice that I'm evenly tanned when they see me changing at the gym or when the doctor's checking me out down there.  If they do, I hope they wonder and at least for a moment stop to consider what it would be like if they could do likewise.

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