Friday, January 28, 2011

Raising Naked Kids

I came into a family in progress.  My wife did a great job of raising them in the conventional manner before I came along, but they were pretty set in their ways.  I had brothers, sisters, and cousins who raised their kids to be more comfortable with nudity than these kids where.  But if I could start from scratch, these would be my rules.  Use them for ideas yourself (or things to avoid if you disagree).

1)  Mom and dad should be seen naked by the kids often enough to understand that it is normal and healthy to be that way in the privacy of one's own home.
2)  Behave no differently whether you're naked or clothed.  Don't shut them out just because you're naked.
3)  As long as they are in the presence of family and out of view of others, they have a right to be naked at home any time they want. Or to be clothed anytime they want.
4)  Encourage them by example, not by pressure, to remain naked after bathing, in bed, and until they have to get dressed to leave the house the next day.  Better blankets instead of fancy PJs.
5)  Take them to nudist resorts early and often and have them see nudity in a healthy social atmosphere.  Encourage them to socialize with other kids there.
6)  Teach them everything they want to know about sex and the human body, and everything they need to know, whenever they ask, or whenever something needs explaining.
7)  Teach them to never be ashamed of being naked, and to immediately report any inappropriate touching or behavior from anyone that makes them uncomfortable.  Make them a pedophile's worst nightmare.
8)  Teach them that they'll lose the privilege of being naked if they're naked when they shouldn't be.  24 hours of absolutely no nudity other than solo bathing for each offense.  Having to wear clothing is punishment when they're older, let them learn that nudity in a society which doesn't openly accept it, is tricky business.
9)  Puberty is a time of change and insecurity.  They are, of course, free to be clothed, but encourage them to be naked and to accept themselves as they change.  Stay naked for them.
10)  Teach them from the start that a lot of people aren't comfortable with nudity and to respect that.  But that they are not to be ashamed and hide the fact that we feel differently.
11)  It would be ideal if we were completely open with everybody about being a nudist family.
12)  Create a private back yard.  Put in a pool, hot tub, or sauna and use them often nude yourself.

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