Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sexually Naked

To most people, their biggest problem with nudity is the culturally conditioned association with sex.  For something that we owe our very lives to, we degrade ourselves by degrading our sexuality, treating it in such a negative way.  We have kids we don't want and we host, spread, and evolve diseases unique to our sexual activities.  It's no wonder people are so uncomfortable about being naked and seeing other people naked.  Arousal makes us lose our inhibitions and clothing gets in the way of sexual activity, otherwise, most people would probably never be naked except to bathe alone.

Shedding my inhibitions about nudity helped me shed some of my inhibitions about my own sexuality.  I'm now very much at peace with both.  I like being naked for my wife as much as I do for myself.  As if to say that my body is hers always, and not just when I'm in the mood.   And I encourage her to be naked both for her own comfort, and to reinforce to her that I love her just the way she is.

Clothing is an artificial barrier between people.  Between what we are, and how we present ourselves to others.  It is good and right to hate that barrier.  To confidently feel good about oneself, and to seek social environments where others encourage it and challenge you to accept and encourage them as well.  Yes, to go that far with strangers takes some guts.  But to go that far with friends can be even more difficult.  They know that person underneath the skin, and sometimes it's harder to get to know them from the inside out, than from the outside in.  There's an awkward physical intimacy one must pass through between the two which is often awkwardly skipped.

But to have that barrier, even unintentionally, with one's spouse is wrong.  Your body belongs as much to your spouse, as it does with you.  Their imperfections are yours and to not unconditionally accept them as they are, is to not accept yourself as you are.   It's easy to be naked for your spouse when you're aroused, and it's nice to not have clothing in the way when you're trying to be physically intimate.   But at the very least, you should accept them as they are all the time and not hide your body from them.

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