Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nudist or Naturist? Naked or Nude?

Let me understand this correctly.  The only difference between me and others is that I'm NOT screwed up about what humans look like, and I get a label?  The only reason I even bother identifying with either label is that there isn't a simple way otherwise to say that I'm not compulsive about wearing clothing when I don't have to, I actually like being what I am, and I'm more than happy for others feel and be the same way.

Here in the US, being a "nudist" is more recognized term, even though most people assume that nudists are  more compulsive about being nude than they are about being clothed, and that their compulsiveness about it is at the very least borderline weird.  When in fact viewed objectively, it's the other way around.  The term "Naturist" sounds more like "Naturalist", or someone who enjoys nature and the outdoors, which is very true of me.  But this has nothing to do whether I'd prefer to be naked or not even when I'm not outdoors.

Most the time, I prefer "naked" over "nude".  It has an edgier rebellious sound to it that I like, as in the trademarks "Naked Juice", "Naked Science", "Naked Brother's Band", or "Bare Naked Ladies".   "Nude implies just another boring choice of how one dresses, implying "boring" or "plain" (as in nude lipstick).

To some people, the word "naked" implies being vulnerable.  I personally find this strange and don't feel any more or less vulnerable when I'm naked, than when I'm dressed.  My wife's residual weirdness about this shows up when I hear a noise in the house and don't bother to dress when I go investigate.  If there's an intruder, I'm not supposed to offend him or have worry about appearing vulnerable just because I'm not wearing something?  As if shorts and a T-shirt would make a difference?  Yeah, I hope he's offended and a bit put off, if not by my being naked, because of the loaded gun I've got pointed at him.

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